About Quiltingsheep

Our Mission

Our mission at QuiltingSheep.com is to share our love for making small and true miniature quilts with you, our friends!


We also will share Biblical truths through the eyes of the sheep world, a world we are intimately familiar with.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Logan is a former quilt shop owner, and has been quilting and sewing for over 40 years. She designs quilt patterns and teaches quilting techniques.  As a professional longarm quilter she also has 10+ years of helping her clients to complete their quilts, whether for everyday use or as beautiful heirlooms which will be passed down through the generations.


Stephanie is a mother of 3 daughters, a wife, and a grandma to 9.5 wonderful grandchildren. She grew up in a sheep ranching family where her father ran the largest sheep and wool production company in the State of Wyoming until the early 1980’s.

She and her husband, Jim, raised purebred Columbia sheep for many years, lambing in cold January nights and enjoying the playful antics of the babies in the pasture.

As a Christian grandma, she can offer insights from the perspective of experience and a time period when life was slower and more focused on what is truly important, our relationship with the God of the Universe, the Creator of all things, and the loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values

We will always do our human best to provide clear, understandable instructions and information for our quilt designs and patterns.

And, in her Christian comments in the Blog “Kernals of Wisdom from Sheep Camp”, her views are that of her own and do not represent those of any other person, group, congregation, or affiliation. But, she will always try to provide proper Biblically-based information in order that she will not mislead anyone in a manner not appropriate with true Gospel teachings.